Mission Statement

We at Border Rivals hope to provide you with interesting and informative takes on any and all things relating to the sports rivalry between the great states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The two authors – one a Sconnie and the other from ‘Sota – will play the role of rube, while also providing in-depth analysis. Only at Border Rivals will you be able to get full coverage of the teams on both sides of the St. Croix!

At our best, we promise that our takes will be unique, funny, and down right enjoyable. We will try to incorporate cultural references that are both surprisingly hip and incredibly square (we have to stay true to our roots). Most times, our content is intended for a mature audience (this means we might utilize a curse word or six for emphasis). At our worst, well, let’s just say that our email is borderrivals@gmail.com, and, please go easy on us. We are still figuring this whole thing out. Happy reading.

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