Like You Were There: Tweet Recap

Gophers v. Badgers. Here. We. Go. We are going to use your Tweets, as they happen, to crowdsource this recap. The Gophers are on a disappointing 3 game losing streak. The Badgers are fresh off disappointing losses to Iowa and MSU. Both teams are desparate for a win. Should be a good one.

15:40: @AmeliaRayno nailed it “Well this is fun, let’s just shoot 3-pointers all day.”

Both teams are running completely inept offenses. Both run clock and then jack up a desperation three. Big 10 Basketball ladies and gentlemen!! Amelia, you might be my favorite Strib ink-stained wretch, but this should not surprise you.

13:30: @DanaLitman “I guess these teams are only allowed to score three pointers”

Seriously. Maverick Ahmnisi comes off the bench and hits two big threes. But both teams are showing a serious lack of offense right now. Is Mbakwe afraid of Berggren?? That is the only explanation I have for him not making any plays. This same thing happened in the Northwestern game. Mbakwe dominated for stretches of that game, but he just disappeared when the Gophers needed him most.

11:09: @mtperka “I’m too sober to be watching this team (Gophers) right now”

I agree.

10:53: @alnen32 “Great seal by Trevor. #Gophers need to pount it down low”

Could not agree more. Mbakwe finally realizes he has a day-walker (Brusewitz) on him and goes right at the rim. If the Gophers are going to win, they need to continue feeding the 6th year senior.

8:43: @KVanDeWalker “Did Rodney Williams make the trip to the Kohl Center? Waiting for him to show up”

Oh, he is here. He has already jacked up two TEWIBLE shots, one of which was very early in the shot clock. He just grabbed a big offensive rebound. That gives him a chance to do  something the Gophers have struggled with the last few games: makes free throws. He proceeds to make one of two. !?$?@?!@$?%

5:55: @GophersNow “Nice feed inside from Austin Hollins to Eliason for the basket. Almost thought the big fella woul fumble it  but good catch.”

The funny thing about Eliason is that he played really well in Mbakwe’s absence last year. He looks to be in good shape, maybe even a little bigger than last year. And yet, Tubby has him getting very few minutes. If he continues to play well off the bench, his minutes should increase.

4:34: @mtperka “Wow. Comparing Eliason to Zeller. I have heard it all”

Yeah, let’s not go crazy. For a minute there, I thought PA might have kidnapped the BTN color guy.

2:21: @KeelynP “Someone needs to stay in that Decker kid.”

Could not have missaid it better myself! As always, Gophers fail to close out defensively at the three point line and Dekker makes them pay. Someone needs to be in that kid’s pocket for the rest of the day. I am having flashbacks to the Northwestern game. Skinny white boys knocking down threes have been this teams Achilles heel.

HALF: @zmotalk “Another bad game by the #Gophers yikes time for tuby to go.” @mnglorydays “If Tubby can’t win with this #Gophers team, he absolutely has to go. Find a young guy that can build a program and wants to step up to B10.” @brennentoq “Its tubbys famous “stand around and hope somebody else makes a play” offense.”

Not hard to figure out the sentiment of the fans. And those are just the cleanest of the reactions we saw.

Unfortunately, they are right. If the Gophers cannot figure out how to capitalize on its most talented team in nearly 15 years, there will need to be a change. I know the practices facilities are less than great. And our students have to pretend to go to classes in subzero weather, but those are really poor excuses. Nebraska has a world class practice facility and I do not see them making serious noise on the national stage.

19:18: @AmeliaRayno “Only 5 turnovers for the Gophers in the first half — but they had the same number at Northwestern last game and then blew up in 2nd.”

Come on Amelia!! Cannot be so negativ…never mind.

18:45: @the realstecks “This game is not even worth watching. No scoring, missed dunks, turnovers, etc.”

Uh-oh, we are losing them. Hopefully the team has a little more confidence than the fans and beat writers.

17:54: @JBBauer612 “Only way Mbakwe might get touches is via offense rebounds. #Gophers need to feed that man inside and let him score.”

Stop me if you have heard this one before. Mbakwe is hustling to make plays on the offensive glass. He, quite literally, nearly broke his back. But all to no avail. Gophers trail by 2.

17:04: @DeepDish34 “Oh, now I see why Mo Walker never plays. He has been seriously bad this season for the #Gophers.”

Yeah, Mo has some talent, but he is about 35 pounds too big. He cannot move his feet quickly enough on defense. And he often times looks lost in terms of who he should be guarding. That said, he has shown flashes on the offensive end. I still think Eliason is the better sub for Tubby right now. He has been a spark for this team today.

16:34: @bs_wayne “@GophersNow let’s just be glad Mo is back on the pine.”

Well, Brandon, not sure we need to rub it in.

15:04: @bnmnetp “crazy officiating! #gophers so inconsistent from first to second half.”

I tend to agree. How is it possible that the Gophers are already in the penalty. They have not changed their style of play. Calling a lot of touch fouls, not Big 10 basketball.

13:05: @Aelias1908 “Andre Hollins is in BEAST MODE.”

Dre hits a big three and puts the Gophers up 2. He has 18 on the day and simply cannot be guarded. The refs have ruined the rhythm and flow of this game (definitely plays to the Badgers strength – solid ball control and slow play), but Dre will not be denied.

If he can tap into a little of the NIT magic he had late last year, the Gophers can win this game. Even if no one else on the team knows what to do on either end of the floor.

11:46: @3PtBadger “With a 6-0 run in less than a minute, #Badgers take a 37-33 lead against #Gophers, mid 2nd half!”

Huge problems again finding guys on the perimeter for this Gophers team. Not a good flaw when facing a team like the Badgers who love the three pointer.

7:29: @jsuthHN “We have no offense. Terrible. Slow down, set some shit up, and make sure @TMbakwe32 gets a touch on the block every single trip.”

What is sad, you could replace @TMbakwe32 with @Bergeron40 and this tweet could be a Badgers’ fan. Both teams are doing a tewible job running anything resembling an offense. Gophers cannot get the ball inside where they have an advantage. Badgers are having a difficult time finding their open shooters.

Gophers finally take @jsuthHN’s advice and get it to Mbakwe who gets fouled. He misses one of two. Just. Ugly.

6:01: @peekay622 “Breaking news: 3 points in a minute!”

Thanks for doing the math. Ick!

3:40: @BrandonHarrison “Mbakwe the difference for #Gophers so far in 2H: 8 pts, 10 reb. now. RT @JimPolzinMSJ: Mbakwe with 4 offensive rebounds in the 2nd half.

Mbakwe grabs a big offensive board because Tubby — if you are not going to draw up plays for him, he will get it himself — and then makes a big baby hook over Berggren. Gophers up 2. They have the fans right where they want them. Here comes the FG drought.

2:47: @streethistory “2 for 21 from Austin, Coleman, and Williams. Terrible.”

Not exactly inspiring. Even after an Evans TO, Badger fans have to feel good about their chances to close this thing out. Those numbers are downright scary.

And, right in line with the above stat, Gophers turn the ball over on a shot clock violation. Absolutely no rhythm to this offense.

1:47: @vikingsrube “Box out!”

Okay, so some context. Evans makes his 9th big flub of the 2nd half, missing his first FT. In fact, he only tickles the front of the iron. He then misses his second (hence vikingsrube’s advice: box out). Gophers do box out and draw a foul. Ingram promptly misses the first. The Badgers come back down the floor and tie it up. Was there any doubt?

0:39: @guylindvall “This offense is brutal.”

Quick, a fan of which team Tweeted the above?? I am not sure either. But, since it came shortly after Dre took an ill-advised drive to the hoop. Great acting job by Brush on the charge.

Badgers win on a shot after the shot-clock expires. Gophers didn't deserve it anyways.

Badgers win on a shot after the shot-clock expires. Gophers didn’t deserve it anyways.

0:02: @reporterbw “Already bracing myself for a soul-crushing #Gophers defeat.”

Say no more @reporterbw!! Jim Jackson, Jr. (4 for his last 17) hits a pull-up jumper as Mbakwe flies by to put the Badgers up 2. I would say soul-crushing about does it. Even more so considering the replay looks like Jackson did not get the ball off in time. Only a Minnesota sports team could find a way to lose like this. One last chance.
0:01: @droege32 “Wisconsin is lucky it was a foul… Mbakwe made the shot…”

Let’s explain this. So, the ball is inbounded and Mbakwe makes a great play catching it with one hand, turning, and nailing the fadeaway that would have tied the game.

Instead, as he is doing that, he is fouled by Brusewitz. Wisconsin is initially angry. But wait, Mbakwe is hurt. He cannot shoot the FTs. That means the Badgers get to pick who gets to shoot the FTs. Not good for Gophers fans. Mbakwe makes the shot that would tie it, and instead, the Gophers get to watch Rodney Williams try to make two FTs.

He makes the first.

He misses the second. Your season in a nutshell.


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