Going into yesterday’s series with the Seattle Mariners, your Minnesota Twins were 6 – 18. Not only are they sporting the worst record in baseball, but they are also fresh off an absolute drubbing at the hands of the ABC Angels of California (and maybe Nevada if the money was right), capped off by Jared Weaver’s masterpiece no-hitter.

On Thursday, Twins President Dave St. Peter tweeted that Twins fans should just #KeepTheFaith. Keep the faith. Oh David. Dictionary.com’s primary definition of faith is confidence or trust in a person or thing. Let’s break that down.

Perhaps David should lay off the email machine for a while. Or, maybe get a twittering lesson from his 13 year old.

If Mr. St. Peter is suggesting that we are supposed to have confidence in or trust in Twins management, then I would politely ask him to provide even a morsel of evidence supporting the fact that greener pastures are .on the way. He might be looking for awhile. The Twins starting pitching staff currently boasts an ERA just north of 7.00. Its offense, on the other hand, is scoring only a tick or two higher than 3.5 runs a game. And, unlike last year’s squad, which was decimated by injuries, this year’s team has been relatively healthy (minus Morneau’s recent wrist scare). There is no evidence to suggest that this particular squad is going to bounce back or return to respectability. The “Hunt for 100” (losses) seems like a very attainable goal at this point.

Now, some big league ball clubs have uber-prospects in their minor league system that can ride to a club’s rescue – think – Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, etc. Unfortunately, the closest thing the Twins have to an uber-prospect is on a strict regiment of rubber ball squeezing in his attempt to return from Tommy John surgery. Kyle, we do wish you the best. Your return cannot come fast enough.

Apologies to Joe Benson’s family, but, I am not sure he is equipped to handle the role of savior. The mop does not inspire confidence.

So, with Joe “Dirt” Benson being the best the Twinks have to offer (see a description here), pardon us for being skeptical about our prospects for this year. We have no proof to believe otherwise.

But hang on, the secondary definition of faith is belief that is not based on proof. Well, perhaps David was on to something. At 6 – 18 and with a starting staff that might have a hard time challenging the current Gophers line-up, faith might be exactly what we need to have. But, with no uber-prospects less than three years away (sorry Miguel, you seem great, but you are still only 18), it is hard to believe a turnaround is on the way. So, keep the faith? I for one, am passing on that Kool-Aid. I am going to keep my fan card and weather the storm with the rest of Twins country. But, I am not happy about it. #TrustButVerify #DoubtIsFaith’sWiserOlderBrother.

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